Company Profile

                                        Shenzhen Sunwin Intelligent Co.,Ltd.

                                                  Shenzhen Sunwin Intelligent Co., Ltd. (stock code: 300044, hereinafter referred to as Sunwin Intelligent) was established in 1997 and listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange in January 2010. Sunwin Intelligent is a leading enterprise in the field of smart city and a leading artificial and intelligent in China. The company is devoted to the top level design of smart city, big data analysis, and is good at providing overall solutions for industries covering smart transportation, smart roadside parking, smart tourism, smart government affair, urban citizen "one-card" system, smart education, smart city management/urban grid management integration, safe city and smart medical treatment, smart pipe network, smart community, smart park, smart city construction, smart safety supervision, smart water affair, smart environmental protection, smart logistics and big data analysis platform, IDC and so forth. The main business of Sunwin intelligent overs four sectors : smart city, big data, artificial intelligence and cultural and education At present, the business scope of Sunwin Intelligent in the field of artificial intelligence mainly includes service robots, unmanned aerial vehicle platforms, face recognition, smart video analysis systems, and so on. The company strength has developed into the forefront of the industry.  

                                        Sunwin Intelligent is a state-level high-tech enterprise, post-doctoral workstation, and has three major research institutions including Research Institute of Smart City , Research Institute with Big Data and Artificial & Intelligent Research Institute . The company has successively signed agreements with Huawei and Tencent to carry out strategic cooperation in such fields as Smart City and big Data.Sunwin Intelligent is also a leading enterprise in the smart city field in 2016 and 2017, a demonstration base in the smart city technology innovation and application, a integrity demonstration enterprise in Guangdong Province, a leading software enterprise in Shenzhen City, a champion enterprise in the independent innovation industry in Shenzhen City, the first top 100 quality enterprises in Shenzhen City, and Shenzhen Intelligent Video Monitoring Engineering Research and Development Center.The company is also the vice president unit of China smart City Construction Investment Alliance, and has participated in the formulation of "smart City Evaluation Model and Basic Evaluation Index System" and other national and industrial standards.  

                                        In recent years,Sunwin Intelligent has increased external investment and formed a diversified industrial pattern. At present, the subsidiary companies of the Company mainly include: Hefei Sunwin Intelligent Co., Ltd., which takes smart manufacturing as the main development direction, unmanned aerial vehicle and rail transit vehicle-mounted equipment as the main products; Beijing Kaixinren Information Technology Co., Ltd., which takes mobile online game research and development, distribution, operation, and Internet social platform operation as the main direction; The School of Industry and Commerce of Anhui University of Technology, which cooperates with Japan Osaka University to create artificial intelligence and Tencent to cloud computing majors respectively, runs the school in the way of combining offline education and online education to realize the organic integration of innovation and entrepreneurship education and professional education; Shenzhen Qianhai Haoneng Internet Services Co., Ltd., which takes Internet finance as the main direction of development.  

                                          “Work harder to make Sunwin great; Do more contribution to make Chinese stronger”. With the development of China's economy entering into a new stage, Sunwin Intelligent will further expand its intelligence industry under the guidance of Sunwin spirit, respond to national strategies such as Internet +, the belt and road, Made in China 2025 strategy, etc. In the next three years, Sunwin Intelligent will make use of big data and apply artificial intelligence technology to provide smart urban investment, construction and operation solutions and smart terminals for the society. the smart city research institute,the big data research institute and The artificial intelligence research institute will be built into the domestic first-class scientific research platform; We will vigorously develop the "the belt and road" overseas market, apply science to create the greatest economic and social benefits, serve the society, repay the society, enable people to enjoy smart life and push China's intelligent and smart industry to a new stage.

                                        Sunwin Culture

                                        Enterprise Values

                                        People-oriented, customer achievement, return to society, lead the future

                                        Sunwin History

                                        • 1997
                                          Shenzhen City for the establishment of Industrial Co., Ltd.
                                        • 1998
                                          Winning Changchun Bauhinia Hotel building automation projects, into the field of building intelligent.
                                        • 2003
                                          Winning the Shenzhen Metro Line 1 integrated monitoring system project, into the field of intelligent rail transit.
                                        • 2006
                                          Stationed in Shenzhen Software Park, the company name changed to Shenzhen City for the Intelligent Limited.
                                        • 2008
                                          The company expanded its business to the field of intelligent railway and successfully restructuring for the Shenzhen Sunwin Intelligent Co.,Ltd.
                                        • 2009
                                          Race for the intelligence was identified as state-level high-tech enterprises.
                                        • 2010
                                          The competition is listed on the GEM of Shenzhen Stock Exchange, stock code 300044
                                        • 2011
                                          The company completed the first merger and acquisition business, holding Chengdu in Wei Wei Qi; the same year the business expanded to the field of water conservancy
                                        • 2012
                                          The establishment of a wholly owned subsidiary of Hefei race for the intelligence, the same year in October Hefei race as a base in Hefei High-tech Zone foundation
                                        • 2013
                                          The establishment of a wholly owned subsidiary of the former sea Hao Internet Service Co., Ltd., into the Internet finance; the same year the wholly-owned acquisition of Hong Kong Hui Chun
                                        • 2014
                                          And Anhui University of Technology to run schools, holding "Anhui University of Technology Business School", into the wisdom of education; Hefei race for the intelligence was identified as weapons and equipment research and production of two confidential qualification units, into the ranks of military enterprises
                                        • 2015
                                          Hefei race for the base to put into use and the establishment of Hefei race Eagle general aviation, UAV R & D to achieve significant results; set up holding subsidiary Hefei race for the wisdom of medical, into the wisdom of medical field
                                        • 2016

                                          Win the bidding for Smart Jishou,formally enter the field of smart city PPP; big data contract exceeded 1 billion yuan for the first time, micro module data center performance ranked among the top three; Xi Jinping inspected UAV of Hefei sunwin ; has set up a Columbia company, Singapore company, to enter the overseas market;

                                        • Acquisition of Beijing Kaixinren Information Technology Co., Ltd., into the smart city interactive entertainment field.

                                        Qualification Honors

                                        • Certificate
                                        • Certificate
                                        • Certificate
                                        • Certificate
                                        • Certificate
                                        • Certificate
                                        • Certificate
                                        • Certificate

                                        Corporate Vision

                                        Social Responsibility

                                        Competition for the intelligence in the "unity, hard work, efficient, play" under the guidance of corporate culture, adhering to the "people-oriented, the application of scientific knowledge to create the greatest economic and social benefits,
                                        Return to the community, "the core values, and constantly practice the corporate mission, and actively participate in social welfare undertakings, practice corporate social responsibility.

                                        Video Information

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                                        Address: A101-15 / F, Saiwei building, 8 LIANLI East Road, xialilang community, Nanwan street, Longgang District, Shenzhen
                                        Tel: 0755-86169696
                                        Fax: 0755-86169393
                                        Email: sunwin@szsunwin.com

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